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WP4: HEMS flight trials

On HEMS missions, helicopters sometimes have to fly in poor meteorological conditions at all hours. This makes HEMS missions very dangerous. The use of EGNOS will decrease the risk of accidents and will allow these helicopters to fly in any meteorological conditions. HEDGE have worked to certify an Agusta 109 helicopter with REGA and perform helicopter specific Point-in-Space (PinS) approaches with EGNOS certified equipment to the Hospital at Interlaken, Switzerland. This encompassed the entire development process including the procedure description and design, operational concept and FAS datablock, demonstration flights with data logging. A technical / economic feasibility study and roll-out plan was accompanied safety assessments and pilot questionnaires.

Two sets of flight trials have been undertaken. The first LPV flight tests were performed 28-30 January 2010 to evaluate the LPV procedures and terrain clearances. The second LPV flight tests were successfully completed 17-18 May 2010 to validate the LPV PinS approach as per ICAO requirements and receive pilots feedback on the new LPV flight procedures.

The following photos/video show participants, equipment and actual flight into Interlaken.

For more information, please email Philip Church or Heinz Leibundgut